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Friday, June 25, 2010

REVIEW: Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2011 Menswear Collection

Greeting Fellows!

Summer is oh-ho so warm, right?
Well It might get hotter with this collection... Dolce & Gabbana presented us the pure Italian men as only they could do. "Bambino!" is all I can think about with this collection, those kids, riding bicicles, giving a message to some well dressed gentleman.


A fusion between these old times in Italy lifestyle, and a sophisticated vanguardism full of simple strokes and fitting clothes.

Still, Domenico and Stefano showed us some torned denim for men.
And the emphasis in this collection (as in the past) are the excessive details everywhere in the clothes, remembering you that you didn't paid that much money for nothing.

- The denim and a very detailed outerwear.

We can see as an overall highlight the rope accompanying the belt or the rope as the belt itself. There we have a new suggestion of fashion with the rope thing, just make sure that your trousers does fit with the rope...

-"I call it the Rope Belt..."

Vests are a secondly highlight, they are subliminally shown as a background behind the sack, but you surelly can continue using that vest you got there in your wardrobe for the next Summer, just make sure is gray white or black and of course with a slim kind sack.

-Sacks and Vests.

The footwear... we saw very detailed gray shoes, and black shoes, pretty just watch the photos. And about the sandals, same rope thing wich akwardly make them look very rustic but so good.

-The rope sandals & the detailed footwear.
The Leather jacket impressed more than one in the catwalk, the beautiful detail, wich make them look handmade make us think that only a few may own these kind of jackets.

-Beautiful detailed leather jacket.

The handbags were very unique, (as always) this time cropped like nest... but in a very chic way.

-The detailed handbags for men.

The bathing suits: One word... Phenomenal. Finally a short bathing suit that look descent at the crowd eyes, look at the cool pocket, it could be really useful for those warm warm days where you only want to go on your bathing suit and don't wanna carry extra things, so whatever you could need can go inside the pocket. the only requirement to use these shorts, is to have very nice legs, otherwise, please pick regular swim suit.

- The bathing suit, the shorts and the shorter shorts.

And last but not least, the eyewear. Do you remember those Ray-Ban called Clubmaster?, well these remind me of those, but these are actually more in shape than the clubmaster, these are in a slightly bigger scale, and fits perfect for the oval and squared face and look way more elegant. (simply a must have for those sunglasses collectors, count me in that club)

- The elegant eyewar.

Overall, the Dolce & Gabbana always has keep the balance in the latest shows, showing us different faces and shapes of the Italian men. This time they did a slighly but not too rude move to the balance with the excess of details. At the bare eye this collection looks pretty simply, but you gotta focus in those details to discover it is a marvelous trendy odisey putting together the latest fashion shows for dolce & gabbana synthesizing into a modern and sophisticated "Bambino". A runway worthy enough to mark the line between 20 years of Dolce & Gabbana menswear and the incoming seasons.

- Overall collection photos

I definitely Got Fever 4 Dolce & Gabbana.
-Gibrán Gaytán (Twitter @gibrangaytan).

Images taken from the official site

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