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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The best runways in the past years & seasons in Milan

Hello Fashion Men (and women) !

Welcome to got fever 4 milan, If you are here reading this is because you, as me, also got the fever!

Here in this blog I'll show the must see from this season Milan's Men Runways. (Will try to post all of the runways but can't promise anything). What I can promise is that I'll surely post the hottest brands
wich are driving us crazy each season such as Dolce & Gabbana, D&G, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Dior Homme, Versace, Gucci, Burberry, Prada, etc... just to mention some of the hottest brands.

What do you say about starting with a review of what we've seen in the past years and seasons in milan's paths for men

  • Lets start with Spring summer 2009, in MY point of view the most creative and risky option for menswear goes to Dior Homme leaded by the misunderstood style of Kris Van Assche. But in this case with this Collection he made me love fashion for men. Showing us some geometrical sunglasses that came in limited edition (sadly I couldn't get mine) Shiny jackets and pants and torn shirts wich were really risky but fairly well adapted to a casual look. It was very futuristic and even though (Gotta admit) I hated it first, with the time I was figuring out that It was actually a very nice collection.

  • Secondly lets pass to the next season for Fall winter 2009 2010, The award for the best collection of this season (again in my point of view) goes to Frida Gianini. The main brain of Gucci's house. She surprised with a very very Chic style for man, using leather as the main trend and fur items. Some beautiful cuts for the suits and brand-new sharpen eyewear.

  • In the third place I'd love to mention that for 2010 Spring summer season the best and most wearable runway is/was D&G menswear collection. Domenico & Stefano showed us a sexy urban-cowboy style where the highlight was amazing fit leather jackets and beautiful boots (our only weapon for us men against those high heels of women). What can I say about the bags and shirts? simply amazing. Also the D&G sunglasses drives me cazy this time they came up more shiny and in my point of view those are the most sexy sunglasses ever. (I've been looking for them but never find the model I want)

  • In fourth part of this review we may find ourselves in the season before this spring summer 2011, the fall winter 2010 2011... and of course Versace and Donatella couldn't dissapoint us. The futuristic retro style went beyond the expected, when I saw this collection I couldn't believe it. It was simply astonishing. The leather legs, the jackets, the shiny boots that appeared to be taken from a sci-fi movie made my day the day I saw the collection. I was ready to die the day I saw that (Now again I'm not). The sunglasses, the hairstyle, even the music on the background, everything was in a deep balance, I just hope to see something like this in this spring summer 2011.

  • Also I'd like to do a special mention for Frida Gianini's Gucci's Fall winter collection 2010 2011 It was also amazing, very wearable, well balanced, just perfect.

Hope you liked this review! And Long Live Milan Fashion Week and of course our Fab Designers!
Stay tunned for the Milan Shows starting Jun 19-23, 2010

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Au Revoir.

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